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Comprehensive Custom Part Design

Ensure you have the parts and fasteners you need for your business by relying on the experts at Master Fasteners. We provide custom part design services to deliver the optimal components you need for nearly any applications. We primarily focus on delivering commercial and industrial fasteners to help keep your assemblies sturdy and functional. Additionally, when supplying your fasteners, we also offer other services for kitting, assembly packaging, and labeling. With these solutions, you can create custom building kits to go along with your products. 

So whether you need a one-off custom solution or you want to create a blanket order to help with inventory control, our team will deliver the parts you need at the best price possible. Contact us to learn more about our design solutions or to place an order for the custom parts you require.

Fastener Manufacturing Company

Inventory Management Solutions

At our company, we are proud to offer vendor managed inventory services for your large orders of commercial and industrial fasteners. With these services, our team will prepare and send out your products on your preferred schedule, and we will automatically reorder your parts to help keep your shelves stocked.

Ancillary Services

In addition to our main design and production solutions, we also offer various secondary services. This includes custom plating, pellet work, and patching. At our facility, we can plate your bolts with metals such as zinc, gold, and silver, making them safe to use in specific high-grade situations. We also offer painting and powder coating to add unique colors to your products.

Commercial and Industrial Fasteners